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Blog — Guest Post

Heather Blazer Hooded Jacket Hack by Sue-Ching

Hello! I’m Sue-Ching. You can find me @suechinglascelles. I’m really excited to be sharing with you here on the Friday Pattern Company Blog. In this blog post I am talking about the Heather Blazer and how I hack it to make a hooded coat version, keep reading to find out more. 
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Styling the Heather Blazer by Korrie

Hello, I’m Korrie and can be found over on Instagram as @korriekorrie. I am so chuffed to have been asked to write a blog post about my Heather blazer and how i like to style it up, to put it simply i am madly in love with her! Keep reading to find out more about it. 
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Heather Blazer Sew-Along by Paige Joanna

Hey guys, Paige here - Friday’s social media manager. As promised, we have been adding sew-along videos to our YouTube channel, with full step-by-step instructions for our patterns. The latest pattern to be added to the sew-along series is the Heather Blazer! In this blog post, I wanted to talk about my experience actually sewing along with the steps, whilst making my first Heather Blazer. Keep reading to find out more.
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Patchwork Quilted Ilford Jacket By Sam from Purple Sewing Cloud

Hi I’m Samantha from , I'm very honoured that the Friday pattern company team have asked me to write a blog post on my quilted jacket and how I made it using the Ilford Jacket Pattern.
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The Heather Blazer - By Brittani from @UntitledThoughts

Bonjour mes amis! I am so excited to be here on the Friday PatternCompany blog to tell you all about my new Heather Blazer because... I amsimply obsessed! But before I dive in, I wanted to say hello andintroduce myself to those who might not know me. My name is Brittani andI am an avid gardener (with dreams of becoming a mini-farmer!) as wellas a vintage-inspired pattern designer! You can find me at@UntitledThoughts on Instagram where I chronical my sewing, baking,gardening, DIY-ing journey! Continue reading to find out more.
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