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Saguaro Set 2 back-hack pieces & skirt hack by Alison @sewlikedotty

Saguaro Set 2 back-hack pieces & skirt hack by Alison @sewlikedotty

Saguaro Set 2-back hack from Alison @sewlikedotty

Hi! I’m Alison from Instagram @sewlikedotty & YouTube. I’m a sewist & vlogger. I grew up sewing with my mum. I’ve recently opened up my sewing school -Sew Like Dotty get started to sew. 

When the Saguaro Set was launched I immediately fell in love with it. I fell naturally into making the pants but with the top I found myself looking for a little more coverage. Then I thought because it's reversible why don’t I use 2 backs instead to create the top to suit my needs. That's when the 2-back hack was created. With some modifications the hack ended up being perfect for what I was after. I’m 5Ft 6 inches & chest 44 inches. I use size XXL (18). In this blog post I show you how to create a 2-back Saguaro with dress hack.

It’s also super easy to turn into a boxy T, faux jumpsuit, jumpsuit or even a shift dress too. The front neckline is slightly lowered, the bodice & sleeves lengthened. 

- 2 Saguaro top back pattern pieces are needed. 

The back:

- Cut the neck, shoulder & side/underarm seams to your normal size.

- Lengthen the waist by 1 inch. Cut the sleeves - I like them a little longer and cut at the 6X line.  

The front:

- Cut the shoulder and side/underarm seams to your normal size

- Lengthen the waist by 2 inches. The sleeves cut to 6X length

Lower the neck at the front- so your head fits through comfortably

Make a mark on the pattern 1 inch lower than your standard size in the centre of the neck, follow this line along and graduate it following the general lines of the pattern. Grade to ½ inch then to ¼ inch as you approach the shoulder seam 

Insert images 4,5,6,7,8

You can choose your own preference but I was too generous once and created a very wide neck which worked out perfectly for a slouchy neck beach dress- it’s better to be cautious until your happy with the result.

Create facings for the front and back neck: 

- Use a sheet of copy paper line it up under the front pattern piece. Draw a line onto the paper following the neckline. 

Then work your way along this line marking points 1.5 inches from the 1st line. Join the points together. Cut out this piece & mark it as front facing taking care to mark the side that needs to be cut on the fold. Repeat this process to create the back neck facing. 

If you want to make a boxy T or pair with the Saguaro Pants for a faux jumpsuit just lengthen the front & back pattern pieces further to your preferred length. 

The Davenport dress skirt pattern is perfect for the dress. 


- I joined the front & back facings, then the front and back top along shoulder seams. Next joining the facing to the top then completed the top by joining the side seams.

- I gathered the ruffle and attached each skirt piece then joined the skirt together.

- With the top inside the skirt I created an elastic casing, inserted the elastic and closed the casing. I used a rolled hem for the hem and sleeves

- I can’t wait to see your 2-back hack creations - bold prints look fabulous when cut with the print on the fold on the top and skirt pieces

Check out Alison on Instagram here.
Shop the Saguaro Set Pattern here.

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