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Wilder Sweatshirt Hack

I recently made a Wilder Gown top as a sweatshirt and I basically haven't shut up about it since. I love when I can replace a classic wardrobe staple with something that has more personality! This hack was easy to sew and took me less than an afternoon to complete. Iseefabric.com sent me the softest organic cotton french terry fabric in the world. I knew I wanted something out of this amazing ochre color.   The Wilder pattern is designed for woven fabrics but for the top was easy to make out of a knit. The only difference from how the top is constructed in the pattern is that I used a stretch stitch (it's a narrow zig zag that...

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Adrianna Dress Hack: Add an Elastic Waistband and Hem Ruffle

The Adrianna Dress is a shift dress with a swingy a-line silhouette. It is a simple design that lends itself well to customization! Something several testers brought up was that they would love to see this dress with some definition at the waist. I decided to try making a version with elastic at the waist and I LOVE how it turned out. It has a very Ulla Johnson kind of structured modern vibe with a nod to vintage Laura Ashley. 

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How to Add a Lining to the Ilford Jacket

Ever since the Ilford Jacket pattern dropped the #1 question we get is if it is possible to add a lining. We are here to tell you that it is, and it is easy! Adding a lining to the boxy sleeved version is a breeze. Getting a placket onto the sleeve adds a bit of a challenge but is totally doable. Make sure you have pre-washed your main fabric and lining before sewing them together, any shrinkage will cause your finished jacket to hang weird. Also, if you are using thick fabrics or quilting the lining (or exterior), consider sizing up your sleeves. Because of how the sleeves are sewn in flat, it is easy to size them up and keep the front and...

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Learn to Sew the Cambria Duster on Creativebug

I recently filmed a few classes with Creativebug! The classes are going to be a real help for anyone just getting started with sewing or if you just want a little company while you sew! The first class coming out is the Cambria Duster and it drops on 12/26. In this beginner friendly class we will sew the Cambria Duster from start to finish. 

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The Wilder Gown Pattern Inspiration

The Wilder Gown pattern is finally here! This easy to sew gown is the perfect loose, flowy, summer style. Its perfect for those hot days when you don’t want anything to touch you but you are required to wear clothes. The Wilder is modular by design and can be made as a top or dress, long sleeved or short sleeved, one tiered or two tiered! It is so easy to adapt this pattern to suit your fashion needs, and I can almost guarantee you’ll want to make more than one! In this post we will be talking fabric and RTW inspiration! Shop the pattern here. Let’s talk fabric! Because it is currently summer I’ve got light, airy, and drapey fabrics...

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