Friday Patterns are handmade and go through extensive testing and editing. That being said, occasionally an error will slip through the cracks. If you have a question about a pattern, or think there is an error, please email us at 

The Heather Blazer
On the printed pattern tissue there is an excess section that says "CUT HERE" in big letters. This should have been trimmed away by the printers. Sorry for any confusion that this may cause. It does not affect the pattern at all.

In the printed pattern booklet on page 11, the cutting layouts are labeled XS-M when they should be labeled L-XXL.

The Arlo Track Jacket
There is a printing error on the tissue of the Arlo Track Jacket. The sleeve cap line of the XS is missing. Size large is also printed as a solid line on a couple of the pieces making it difficult to distinguish between medium and large. If you need a new tissue please email us at


The Cambria Duster:
There is a printing error on the Cambria Duster tissues. On some of the size large pieces the size line is printed as a solid and should be a dashed line as indicated on the size line key. The affected pieces are: Side Front (B), Sleeve Piece (D), Skirt Front (E) and Pocket (H). Please email us if you have any questions.
The Hilo Dress:
The letter on the Upper Front and Upper Back pieces are mislabeled on the printed pattern. Upper Front is piece A and Upper Back is piece B. This version of the pattern is now out of print. The PDF pattern is unaffected.