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Scrap Fabric Ilford Jacket by Brian Johnson (@ambitious_bjohn)

Scrap Fabric Ilford Jacket by Brian Johnson (@ambitious_bjohn)

Hey friends, My name is Brian Johnson (Instagram: @ambitious_bjohn) I'm a learning sewist and film photographer here in Sacramento,Ca. In this blog post I share how I created a patchwork Ilford Jacket from some larger pieces of scrap fabrics I had left over in my stash. 


Ive owned a sewing machine for the past 6 years but only got interested in the idea of creating clothes about 1 year ago during winter time, with having more time to inside.

As a photographer I often travel around and started collecting patches from various places, which is when my idea of a patch jacket originated. My first make was a shirt and I haven't looked back since. I have been really enjoying sewing together shirts and jackets, selecting patterns with the idea to recycle existing clothing pieces. My plan is to one day open up my own boutique where I can produce and up-cycle clothes, as well as possibly help others create clothes as well.

Making the Ilford Jacket:

I had already tried the Ilford jacket pattern once before so this collaboration was super exciting to work on, especially with my vision of a patch-worked version. 

Step 1 - Gathering fabrics and scraps that you think will make a good fit to your jacket. Lay down each piece to help visualise in the best way that you can, how you would like it to look.

Step 2 -

Take the original Ilford Jacket pattern and start using your scraps of fabric to create templates for the paneling. Creating squares and rectangles is the easiest way to piece them together, especially if you're a beginner. Make sure you number after cutting  to keep track of your design. 

Step 3 - Cutting

Cut each piece of your design with a different fabric. Do that to all your pieces until you have the full amount needed for the Ilford. (Front/Back/Sleeves/Collar) Should look like this but in your fabrics.

Step 4 - Sewing Pattern Back Together

Starting with square by square, you want to sew the fabrics back in the same order that you cut them so you will need your trace paper numbers to keep track. Once sewed together make sure you iron your backing down the middle. Another option is to use iron-on interfacing on the wrong side of your patch work pieces, to create a nice smooth even layer and secure the seam allowances nice and flat. Then apply your lining the same way. Now you are able to complete your original ilford pattern as a full jacket.

Step 5 - Follow along with the Ilford Jacket Pattern Instructions

Walaa! I hope you have enjoyed seeing the process and find this project inspiring to create your own patch/scrap Ilford Jacket. If you create your own version inspired by this then please tag me and Friday Pattern Company on Instagram: @ambitious_bjohn & @fridaypatterncompany

Thank you so much for your time! Happy sewing.


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