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Pattern Hack: The Sunny Skirt

The Sunny Dress Pattern is a super versatile pattern that can be cut as a dress, top, and SKIRT! That's right, make an entire wardrobe of Sunny garments. Hacking the pattern into a skirt is pretty simple.  On your dress front piece, starting at the side seam where the line indicating to cut the pattern as a top is, draw a straight line across your pattern piece. Repeat on back piece.  Using the lines you drew in, cut out your front and back skirt pieces.  Right sides together, stitch your front piece to your back piece at side seams.  Try your skirt on and make sure you like where it is sitting on your hips before you draft your waistband....
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Pattern Hack: The Square Neck Top // Woven Fabric

The Square Neck Top is an easy to sew box top, designed for knit fabrics. The number one question we get is "Do you think I could make it out of a woven fabric?". Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, YES! Yes, you can 
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