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Valentines Me Made Style Inspiration

Valentines Me Made Style Inspiration

It’s nearly the most romantic day of the year; Valentine's Day! Whether you’re spending it at home with your partner, speaking to a friend on video chat or practising self-love this blog post is going to give you lots of sewing inspiration for Valentine’s using the Friday Pattern Company patterns, woohoo! Keep reading to find out more.

Netflix & Cuddles 

Starting off with our Netflix and cuddles category because let’s face it, most of us won’t be able to go too far from the sofa this year. Fear not, you can see create something you’re going to feel super cute in. 

Arlo Track Jacket: The Arlo Track Jacket is a must-have cosy, casual and sporty wardrobe piece. Make it in block colors of red, pink and white for an effortlessly cool romantic vibe. If you want to be extra, you could make a matching one for your partner as well! 

Adrienne Top: If you are a hopeless romantic then the Adrienne top is the perfect top for Valentines. It is a knit top with billowy statement sleeves that are gathered up at the shoulders and hems with elastic. The length is slightly cropped with the hem hitting just below your belly button. Make it in a cream or pastel hue for easy throw on piece. 

Sagebrush Top: Want to look put together up top for a video call (whilst wearing sweatpants below of course) then the Sagebrush is the one. The Sagebrush Top is an elegant and easy-to-sew blouse that is a joy to make and wear. The Sagebrush is designed for woven fabrics and looks great in breezy fabrics like cotton voile, as well as more structured fabrics like a crisp linen. Go cute in a bright candy pink, or even a heart print fabric!

Floral Romantic 

Floral dresses are a great option for Valentine’s day because they can be worn dressed up or down and you can wear them all year round as well. Great for a dinner date or coffee in the park. 

Hughes Dress: The Hughes is the perfect everyday dress. It features Viennese seams, gathered sleeves, and a gorgeous scoop neckline. The tie can be cinched in or loosened depending on desired fit. Create a Hughes in bold fabric print in red for a pop of color. Style with a leather jacket, tights and boots for a casual, fun daytime date look. 

Wilder Gown: The ultimate date dress for feeling carefree and happy! Create a beautiful tiered skirt version with extra length for a romantic look. Made in lightweight chiffons and drapey fabrics would make it a showstopper! 

Winter Walk

Last but not least, the Winter Walk category! Take an afternoon walk for coffee or evening stroll to watch the sunset - there are plenty of ways to enjoy Valentines whilst staying safe and look cute doing so! 

Ilford Jacket: The Ilford jacket is a great choice for versatility when it comes to pocket placement, length and sleeve type. Go for a crapped version in pale pink boiled wool with cuffed sleeve hem for an effortlessly cool look. Great thrown over jeans and a white t-shirt. 

Cambria Duster: If you want something easy to throw on over any outfit (yes even joggers) then the Cambria Duster is a classic jacket that can elevate any look. Great for all seasons & perfect for layering over a roll neck jumper, skirt and boots. 

Heather Blazer: Last but not least our new Heather Blazer pattern! Make the Heather Blazer pattern in a blush pink check fabric for a look that is ready to boss the date night. 

However you’re spending Valentines, it’s a great time to feel good in yourself whatever it is you enjoy. So if you’re snuggled up watching TV, going for walks or eating out (if you can), then it’s a great time to treat yourself to a new me made item! Show off your makes on social media and tag us #FridayPatternCompany

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