Heather Blazer

Heather Blazer Fabric Inspiration

Heather Blazer Fabric Inspiration

One of the funnest things about the Heather Blazer is all of the different types of fabric you can make it in. We kept the style lines of the pattern simple so that you can feel inspired to try out new and interesting fabrics! Below we have listed some ideas for types of fabrics that you could use for the main body of your Heather.


This is a cotton canvas fabric that would make a great Heather Blazer! If you use a sturdy more utilitarian looking fabric like this you will get a more casual everyday jacket that would be perfect for spring and summer!



Everyone needs a good Canadian Tuxedo in their wardrobe. A Heather Blazer in denim would be such a cool take on the classic denim jacket!

Image via Harpers Bazaar


A cotton seersucker would make a nice lightweight Heather. I am looking forward to making myself a whole summer shorts suit with something light and breathable like this!

Image via Rag and Bone 


Linen comes in a variety of weights and pretty much any linen would make a gorgeous Heather. I love the way that linen wears. Linen jackets are great for dressing up or down. 

Image via Zara


Obviously woolen fabrics make cozy and gorgeous coats. You’ll want to make a plan for interfacing your jacket if your fabric can’t take a lot of heat from an iron. You can omit interfacing if you want, you will just have a slouchier jacket. 

Image via RoseyBeeMe blog


This fabric is a vintage mid weight upholstery bark cloth. Don’t be afraid of looking at the upholstery fabrics for your Heather! There are often interesting woven fabrics and lightweight canvases in those sections that would make a gorgeous statement blazer. I love that the print and texture of this fabric are unexpected for a blazer.

Image via Brooks Brothers

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