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Blog — Heather Blazer

Heather Blazer Long Double Breasted Hack by Siri Kate

This is a new guest post by the amazing Siri from the Instagram @siri_kate, she is an extremely talented sewist, knitter, artist and more! In this blog post Siri shares how to hack the Heather Blazer sewing pattern, to create a beautiful Long Double Breasted Vest. Continue reading to find out how. 
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Up-cycled Canvas Heather Blazer by Cisco Sews

My name is Francisco Diaz, I run a small up-cycled boutique in Phoenix, AZ where I sell my makes and provide a space for queer makers in my area to sell their wares as well. Up-cycling, thrifting and advancing queer expression are my passions! You can see more of my work at @ciscosews or @themsmarketplace on instagram! In this blog post I use thrifted canvas bags to create a Heather Blazer, with thrifted and vintage brooches as a finishing touch. Keep reading to find out more.
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Cropped Heather Blazer Hack by Gracie

Hi, I’m Gracie from I like to take pattern making classes at NYC’s FIT, and I love digging into construction details & altering patterns to fit my body. In this post, I’ll show you how to alter the Heather Blazer pattern to create a cropped blazer. This tutorial covers how to shorten the pieces, but you use the same sewing process to make a longer blazer like Chelsea’s. 
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Heather Blazer Hooded Jacket Hack by Sue-Ching

Hello! I’m Sue-Ching. You can find me @suechinglascelles. I’m really excited to be sharing with you here on the Friday Pattern Company Blog. In this blog post I am talking about the Heather Blazer and how I hack it to make a hooded coat version, keep reading to find out more. 
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Styling the Heather Blazer by Korrie

Hello, I’m Korrie and can be found over on Instagram as @korriekorrie. I am so chuffed to have been asked to write a blog post about my Heather blazer and how i like to style it up, to put it simply i am madly in love with her! Keep reading to find out more about it. 
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Heather Blazer Style Inspiration

Meet the latest addition to our sewing patterns; the brand new Heather blazer, woohoo! The blazer is a truly timeless wardrobe essential. In this post, we have collated some fabulous style inspiration from ready-to-wear shops and other sources to get you inspired for your own versions. Continue reading to see more.
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