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Styling the Heather Blazer by Korrie

Styling the Heather Blazer by Korrie

Hello, I’m Korrie and can be found over on Instagram as @korriekorrie. I am so chuffed to have been asked to write a blog post about my Heather blazer and how i like to style it up, to put it simply i am madly in love with her! Keep reading to find out more about it. 

Getting starting

Full disclosure I have only been sewing for just over a year and I still feel very much a beginner. The thought of certain garments terrify me, outer wear and blazers being one of them! The style of the Heather blazer and the release images made it so tempting to attempt myself. When I saw the bundle with the Chandler pants, I had to have it. Having previously sewn Friday’s patterns I knew the instructions would be clear and easy to follow so I crossed my fingers that my gingham dreams would soon be a reality and knew I was in good hands. 
The dream in Gingham
I have always wanted a linen gingham suit but being a plus size person all ready to wear clothing is so limiting, this was my main reason I started sewing, to be able to create the outfits of my dreams. I decided on making the 2XL because of my bust measurement, it ended up being the perfect oversized 90s cool girl fit on me. I think in future I could get away 2 sizes down to create a different fit too. I selected a beautiful pink gingham linen and duck egg blue lining and got to cutting.
The make process
I have come to realise I am quite a lazy sewist as I like a simple dress with no fastenings ideally, but i have been wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone especially after surpassing my one year mark of sewing. The Heather blazer was quite a few more pieces than I am used to making so this was a challenge for me. With the lining, interfacing and outer fabric I felt a little overwhelmed and out of my depth however I was completely amazed at how quickly it all started coming together and very soon I had the whole outer blazer ready and the lining.
The only bit I struggled with was wrapping my head around inserting the lining into the corners, I went between watching the sew along on YouTube and paper instructions to make sure I was doing it right. Once I had worked it out i was amazed at how clean it looked. (I also couldn’t wrap my head around how the arms attached but trusted it would work, and it did! So as far as i am concerned it is magic). 
Korrie Heather Blazer
Different Styling Ideas
I wanted to show off some of my favourite ways I like to wear the Heather blazer and how it can be styled dressed up and down. I think my favourite way is to wear with the matching chandler pants as a suit, with a nice top (eg the Adrienne blouse my next make) and platforms to dress it up. Or to wear with a t-shirt or square neck top with Dr martens or converse to dress it down. I also love it over my white swiss dot wilder gown and think it will be a great jacket to throw over dresses for spring summer. Another favourite pairing is over my square neck top or wilder top and dungarees, this is going to be my cinema date night outfit when out of lockdown and things are back to normal. 
To summarise, I am head over heels in love with my Heather blazer, it is for sure my proudest make and I am so glad I pushed myself to try it, it ended up being easier than I thought! If you are stalling making it as you feel it is out of your skill level, then trust me the instructions are amazing and you will have an amazing Heather in no time! Next up i would love a matching cool girl skirt like the promo photos and also a tobacco cord Heather blazer with matching trousers for Autumn. Thank you for reading, find me on Instagram here for more of my style posts & makes. 
Shop the Heather blazer here
& the Chandler pant suit set here. 

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