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The Deconstructed Heather Blazer by Cisco Sews | Recycle & Repurpose Friday Sewtacular

The Deconstructed Heather Blazer by Cisco Sews | Recycle & Repurpose Friday Sewtacular

My name is Francisco Diaz, and I am really excited to have the opportunity to show you my version of the Heather Blazer! I am a designer and newbie slow-fashion sewist living in Phoenix, Arizona. I love to use second-hand fabrics when sewing and have a passion for up-cycling, thrift shopping and celebrating imperfection. You can see more of my work at @ciscosews on instagram

I am usually pretty horrible with patterns but this pattern was so easy to follow and the tutorial video online was such an amazing resource for visual learners like myself! I chose to print my pattern on a large format printer because I love the ease of keeping the pattern pieces whole. The versatility of a blazer and how it can dress up any outfit and add that extra amount of confidence to your walk is the main reason I was so drawn to the Heather Blazer in the first place. Since we’re going into Spring I wanted something casual and light enough to layer over my outfits as the weather starts to warm up here in the desert. 

I envisioned a deconstructed look and I knew I wanted to flip the seams to the outside of the garment to celebrate the wear and fraying that naturally occurs with denim. I also wanted to use some old jeans that I’ve been holding onto for the right project to come around. The denim I had been saving was in multiple colors from light blue to deep black, so it made sense for me to mix-match the different colorways together. I think the varying colors of denim also went so well with the checker patchwork pattern.

To start, I laid out different denim squares in various colors and sizes to figure out what would be best for this particular pattern. I went with 6”x6” blocks for the main checkered pattern seen on the front. Keeping the blocks small made it easier to use up as much of the denim as I could. To keep it from becoming pattern overload, I tried to keep the sleeves and back panels clean and solid to contrast the wild squares in the front.

The end result is a beautiful, versatile blazer that will add so much cool factor to any outfit. I love to think about how this blazer will keep changing in the future with wear as the exposed edges get more and more frayed. I chose to leave out the lining of the coat to keep it light for the warmer seasons and also because the inside of the patchwork denim looked so beautiful I couldn’t cover it up! I am very happy with how it came out and would love to hear what you think about this project! Catch me on instagram or at 

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