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3 Ways to style the Heather Blazer by Eli from @slowsewed

3 Ways to style the Heather Blazer by Eli from @slowsewed

I love dressing up, so when Paige reached out to me for a blog post about the Heather Blazer, I didn't hesitate and said yes! I'm Eli from @slowsewed, and today I am going to show you three ways to style the Heather Blazer Pattern, without compromising comfort. Are you ready?

About my Heather blazer

Firstly, let’s talk about my Heather blazer! I used a deadstock heavy-weight coating fabric and I made a straight size XS with single-welt pockets instead of patch ones. I focused on one color scheme; black, but many outfits with different colors are possible (check out the hashtag on Instagram for more inspiration). I love how my blazer turned out, and as you may already notice, it’s going to be extremely versatile. I consider it as a staple piece that can spice up a look easily. I also love the fact that the blazer is oversized (boxy-fit) but not too much. I don't feel like I am "drowning" in the fabric, the shoulders are not loose, and the overall proportions are great. 


A matchy-matchy outfit can be tricky, but I find that a suit is the exception as you can wear a matching jacket and bottoms without looking old-fashioned. I'm a fan of the classic, black or grey power suit, and I wanted to reinterpret it. The first criteria for a matching look is comfiness; I think we all can agree on that one. The second is versatility because I don't want to own a piece in my wardrobe that doesn’t go with things I already own.

I sewed the pants with the same fabric as the blazer, choosing an elastic-waist pattern for maximum comfort. I also paired the suit with a me-made turtleneck and white sneakers for a modern take. 

Friday Heather Blazer Styling


Because 2020-2021 is all about comfiness, right? For this style, I wanted to play with garments I wear at home. A hoodie with a blazer? Frankly, I was not sure. Because I wanted to experiment with a new look but playing safe, I went with a solid, classic, no logo, no baggy hoodie. For the bottom, a pair of black cropped skinny jeans, monochrome for the win. This is a great look if you want to elevate an outfit from sofa to the store without much effort. What do you think?


Versatility is not only about having clothes that go together, it is also about being able to wear them on multiple occasions all year round! I think I found the perfect item in my wardrobe to play with: a black jersey dress.

I love how simple this dress is, functional (it has pockets), classic or modern, depending on the shoes you wear - here I'm wearing high-top sneakers because it's a no-brainer! I already imagine myself throwing the blazer over my shoulders on a breezy summer night. It is a great throw on piece I can wear time and time again.

Thank you Chelsea for creating such an amazing pattern and make us sew it without scratching our heads!


Shop the Heather Blazer pattern PDF here 

& now available as a printed pattern here.

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