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Heather Blazer Hack: The Lengthened Blazer of my Dreams

Heather Blazer Hack: The Lengthened Blazer of my Dreams

I am excited to share one of my favorite garments I have ever made! This checked jacket is an amalgamation of so much inspiration. I have been seeing a lot of oversized statement blazers lately like this one.

Via the Zoe Report

I also (like everyone else) watched the Queen's Gambit and was OBSESSED with the fashion.

Via the NY Times

I got the main fabric for my coat from Stone Mountain and Daughter. It was the last of a designer deadstock wool. I'm sorry to say there isn't any left. The pale pink accent wool was actually a thrift store find! The jacket is lined with a pink striped rayon challis.

I made a size medium Heather Blazer and I lengthened it 14". I would have lengthened it even more but I didn't have enough fabric.

Because of the weight of the fabric I opted to skip the topstitching. Another result of the thick wool is that it didn't want to keep a press and my hem was sagging a bit. I hand sewed around the hem with a stitch that you can't really see from the outside to secure it in place.

I am yet to add a button to the front. I may just keep it as is. I have a few jackets I have made and then never finished the final step of adding a button. If I do decide to add a closure I may do a large snap instead of button as I am worried about messing up a buttonhole on fabric this thick.

I added a 2" wide contrasting band of pale pink wool to the top of my pockets. I wanted to add something to break up the grid of the jacket and I love how it is subtle but gives your eye somewhere to rest.
I have been referring to this coat as my Pink Dream Machine. I love a garment that treads right on the line of absurdity without going too far. My Pink Dream Machine makes me warm and happy when I wear it, what more could you ask!

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