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What I Made This Week: Leggings, Old Fashioneds, Bangs. It's Fall Y'all!

This is the first in a new blog series I am calling “What I Made This Week”. I love making things and want to be mindful about setting aside time each week to make and do things just because. I also want to try new types of crafting and making beyond just sewing…but most of my weekly makes will probably be sewing related ;) JALIE CLARA LEGGINGS # 3887 This week I made my first ever Jalie Pattern. I’ve been interested in trying them out for a while now, but when I saw @Lauren.Leigh ‘s Clara Leggings I stopped what I was doing and ordered the pattern. I made a size “T” with the only adjustment being shortening them a...
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Pattern Hack: Lucida + Vernazza One Piece

One of the most common questions I get about the Vernazza Two Piece is "Do you think I can hack it into a one piece?". The answer is YES! There are several ways you could go about it. I stumbled upon this idea when I was hacking the Lucida Dress Pattern into a top. It is super easy to add the top of the Lucida to the bottoms of the Vernazza! Here is what you'll need: Lucida Dress Pattern Vernazza Two Piece Pattern 1 1/4 -1 1/2 yards of swimsuit fabric Swim elastic  Sewing: 1. Cut out the front, back, and tie pieces for the Lucida Dress. You will need to lengthen the bodice. I added 6" and that was...
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Pattern Hack: Vernazza Panties

The bottoms of the Vernazza Two Piece pattern can easily be modified to make a cute and comfortable pair of panties ;)  This is a great opportunity to use up those scraps of knit fabric you probably have lying around and it shouldn’t take more than an hour (hour and a half, max) to throw together a super cute pair of undies!  Here is what you need:    • The Vernazza Two Piece pattern • 1/2 yard of a stretch knit fabric • A stretch or ballpoint machine needle • A scrap of 100% cotton fabric for the crotch gusset (if the main fabric you are using is not cotton)  • About 2-3 yards picot edge underwear elastic.   •...
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The Best Podcasts to Listen to While Sewing Your Life Away

Sewing and podcasts are like peanut butter and jelly. While your hands are busy sewing, your mind can be busy learning! I devour podcasts and inevitably end up running out of things to listen to at some point during the week. So here is my list of some of my favorite podcasts along with recommended episodes. I will leave a complete list of all the podcasts that I listen to at the end of this post.  In no particular order:   The Memory Palace Mood: When you're feeling dreamy and wistful This podcast is stunning. On short yet potent episodes, Nate Dimeo takes you on jaunts through history. The way that he tells a story makes you feel like you're...
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Pattern Hack: The Sunny Skirt

The Sunny Dress Pattern is a super versatile pattern that can be cut as a dress, top, and SKIRT! That's right, make an entire wardrobe of Sunny garments. Hacking the pattern into a skirt is pretty simple.  On your dress front piece, starting at the side seam where the line indicating to cut the pattern as a top is, draw a straight line across your pattern piece. Repeat on back piece.  Using the lines you drew in, cut out your front and back skirt pieces.  Right sides together, stitch your front piece to your back piece at side seams.  Try your skirt on and make sure you like where it is sitting on your hips before you draft your waistband....
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Pattern Hack: The Square Neck Top // Woven Fabric

The Square Neck Top is an easy to sew box top, designed for knit fabrics. The number one question we get is "Do you think I could make it out of a woven fabric?". Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, YES! Yes, you can 
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