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Blog — Ilford Jacket

Scrap Fabric Ilford Jacket by Brian Johnson (@ambitious_bjohn)

Hey friends, My name is Brian Johnson (Instagram: @ambitious_bjohn) I'm a learning sewist and film photographer here in Sacramento,Ca. In this blog post I share how I created a patchwork Ilford Jacket from some larger pieces of scrap fabrics I had left over in my stash. 
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Ilford Jacket Trench Coat Hack | By Nisan at

Hey folks! I’m Nisan from on Instagram, where I share all my garment-making adventures. Today I’m super excited to share with you how I hacked the Ilford Jacket pattern to make myself a big, swooshy detective coat. Read on to get all the details about this project! Buckle up and get your snacks and drinks, it’s gonna be a long one.
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Upcycled Ilford Jacket by CiscoSews

Hello again! My name is Francisco Diaz, I am a designer and slow-fashion sewist living in Phoenix, Arizona. When I sew, my favorite thing to do is find a beautiful second-hand fabric and transform it into something new and unexpected. I love to thrift shop and hunt for fabrics with texture, bold color or funky prints. You can see more of my work at @ciscosews on Instagram! 
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Patchwork Quilted Ilford Jacket By Sam from Purple Sewing Cloud

Hi I’m Samantha from , I'm very honoured that the Friday pattern company team have asked me to write a blog post on my quilted jacket and how I made it using the Ilford Jacket Pattern.
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