Ilford Jacket

Ilford Jacket Vest Hack

Ilford Jacket Vest Hack

Paige recently made a really cute Cambria Duster vest and I almost copied her (I have that same fabric in a different color haha). I decided an Ilford Jacket vest hack would be really fun as well. Continue Reading to find out more!

For this hack I made a size medium in the longer length and I omitted the sleeves. The fabric is a wool I picked up a while back at Stone Mountain and Daughter. I loved the color and bought the end of the bolt not knowing what I would do with it because there was only 3/4 yard left. This project ended up being perfect for it!

I lined the vest. You can find info on lining an Ilford Jacket in this video.

To finish the arm openings I folded the raw edges of the lining and main fabric under 3/8"[1cm] and pinned them in place. I scooched the main fabric out about 1/8"[.3cm] past the lining. Then I edgestitched the lining in place. 

I really love this vest and actually wore it on a plane recently. All the pockets came in handy and I ended up using it as a blanket as well!

You can shop the Ilford Jacket pattern here.

It's a super easy hack (modification) and as the vest trend isn't going anywhere, then this is a great way to make one. I hope you enjoyed seeing a closer look at it. Happy sewing!

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