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15 Scrap Fabric Sewing Project Ideas

15 Scrap Fabric Sewing Project Ideas

In this blog post we wanted to start the new year with 15 Scrap Fabric Project Ideas, perfect for using your left over fabric pieces and prevent waste. It's always good practise to keep hold of your scrap fabrics, but often finding project ideas for smaller pieces can be a little tricky. In this post we have a selection of creative ideas for fabric remnants that are slightly larger, and then other ideas for smaller scrap pieces. Continue reading to find out more. 

1. Patchwork Saltwater Slip Top

This patchwork Saltwater slip top is a project Chelsea made last year, from pieces of scrap fabric. It's really easy to make your own patchwork from squares of fabric, and then use your own created textile to make a garment. As the Saltwater Slip doesn't require much fabric, it's the perfect project for something like this. 

2. Patina Blouse Collar Hack

If you have enough fabric, you could make the Patina Blouse sleeveless with a cute oversized collar, like this post by Paige. Or, if you have less fabric, why not use the Patina Blouse collar pieces, and make a 'faux' collar that ties up in the middle to wear over sweaters or shirts. 

* image from

3. Bernadette Bag

Our Bernie bag pattern is a great project idea that requires minimal fabric! You could even use different fabrics for the front, bag, flap, etc! Use up your scraps to make a funky over shoulder bag like this sewing hack version, or create the belt bag version.

4. Square Neck Top Hack

Another cute project that doesn't require much fabric is our Square Neck Top pattern. Can be made in both woven and stretch fabrics, and we have the cutest sewing hacks as well like this version from Chelsea with a peplum ruffle, and tie up bows at the front. 

5. Patchwork Denim Jacket

We love love love this hack by Cisco, sharing how to create a patchwork denim Heather Blazer made from old recycled jeans! Such a great upcycling idea. 

6. Handmade Bias Tape

If you have lots of fabrics but don't want to make a new garment right now, why not spend some time creating your own scrap fabric bias tape. It's really easy to make, and you could use it to finish inside seams of a jacket, quilting, or anything! 

7. Ilford Pockets

Another fab way of utilising scraps, and having fun with your garments is making pockets for things! Add a pocket to a bag, or to an existing jacket you have.. Our Ilford Jacket Pocket pattern pieces are FREE to download, so you can use them to have lots of fun, exploring the different pockets.

8. Elysian Bodysuit Top Hack

Our Elysian Bodysuit pattern is another one that requires little fabric yardage for the project, but when made as a top or crop top, you can make it from small remnant pieces. Click here to read the blog post

9. Scrap Fabric Jacket

We have this fashion conscious post by Brian, showing how to turn scrap fabrics like table cloths and linen into a cool patchwork Ilford Jacket

10. Re-usable wash pads

We love to be eco concious when it comes to all areas we can, so these re-usable wash cloths and pads are a great way to use up scrap fabrics. You could create lots in bulk and gift some to friends! Use soft knit fabrics, or soft cottons for delicate skincare use. 

*Images from Pinterest

11. Sport Shorts

Our pay what you can Sport Shorts pattern is another small yardage pattern. Utilise the different font and back panels to make a fun block print pair, and contrast the boas binding. 

12. Piping

Similar to creating your own bias binding, you can also make your own piping using string/thick thread/yard and scrap fabrics. Easy to do and looks great! We have a blog post about adding piping into seams here.

13. Visible mending

Visible mending has become a trend in itself because the detailing looks beautiful and creative. Sashiko is a Japanese type of embroidery that is sewn by hand and beautiful skill to use scrap fabrics and add incredible details to broken garments. Visible mending celebrates the life of a garment and embraces the flaws and breaks in the fabrics, isn't that such a cool idea!

*above image from Pinterest: Carlynclark

14. Applique

*image from pinterest

Another fabulous reuse recycle method is applique, adding fabrics in a decorative shape or style to other garments can give them new life, help to mend them, or simply add a fun and decorative arty touch to them. 

*Image by Paige Joanna for Simply Sewing Magazine

15. Hair Bows & Accessories 

*image from Pinterest: @sidsel_milling

A big trend that is going to take over the fashion scene this year is bows, the bigger the better, and the more the merrier. What a great way to use up those scrap fabrics then to make cute bows in all shapes and sizes to add to jackets, jeans, bags, your hair, wherever you want! 

That's it, we hope you found these ideas inspiring and want to use your amazing fabric scraps! So much potential to turn them into something magical. 

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