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Square Neck Top Tie Front Hack

Square Neck Top Tie Front Hack
We're a sucker for a Pinterest trend here at Friday, so we decided to give the latest craze a try using our Square Neck Top pattern. Tie up front tops are a cute laid back style of top, that gives a cute cottage core vibe, with the bow details. In this blog post we talk through the pattern amends, and simple additional things needed to create this awesome tie front top, with ruffle peplum hem. Continue reading to find out more.

Pattern Amendments & Additional Pieces: 

  • To create the top front: Add a seam allowance to center front and cut 2 instead of cutting 1 on fold. 
    • Shortened front and back pieces by 5"
    • Cut back as normal (just shortening the length)
  • Cut 6 - 1"x8" rectangles for the ties.
  • Cut 2 rectangular facing pieces to create front placket that will go on the centre front (where the ties are) so simple use the top front pieces as reference and make sure you have seam allowance added. They are he same width as the neckline facing so use those pieces as reference.
  • Cut peplum that is 1.5x the hem opening of the top and 7.38" tall. Will be 6" finished when you account for the seam and hem allowance. I wanted the top to still be fairly cropped and sit on my hips.
  • Cut center front facing in half, and add on seam allowance.

Sewing Steps:

Ties: Press in half and then tucked in edges, pressed again. Edgestitched to create 6 ties.

Baste ties right sides together on the centre fronts. The placement of the top one goes 3/8" from the centre top (neckline) and the bottom one goes 3/8" from the hem. I found the center point between them to place the third tie.

Attach the rectangle facing pieces to the center fronts, sewing right sides together with the ties on the inside - You can finish (serge) one long edge of the regtangle piece. Turn out the right way and press, sew on the neckline facings, folding over the seam allowance on the neckline facing front, and top stitch this down, along the same stitch as the top stitching on the facing.

Gather the peplum tiers, and stitch on the waist hem.

Finished Top:

Heres a look at the inside so you can see how the finishing stitching looks. It's really easy to create, and you can change up the instructions depending on what feels the most comfortable way for you. We hope you found this helpful, and we can't wait to see your tie-up front Square Neck Top hacks! Share them on Instagram with the hashtag #SquareNeckTop

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