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Sewing Hacks Community Round Up

Sewing Hacks Community Round Up

Recently we have been seeing lots of beautiful Friday Pattern Company creations on Instagram by the lovely sewing community. When we get tagged in images of your makes, it's always so exciting and inspiring to see what you have created. Over the holidays we noticed lots of sewing hacks using Friday Patterns, and so we decided to round up some amazing projects to show you on the blog. Continue reading to see our Sewing Community Sewing Hack Ideas. 

@Ellen_makes_it_all created this beautiful Patina Blouse Hack, removing the collar, shortening the cuffs and moving them further up the sleeve to allow spce to add a frilly sleeve hem. Raised the neckline, and added a 4 inch ruffle around the neckline and ties. It's a drastic change from the original pattern but it's so great to see the bones of a pattern become something so uniquely awesome. 

@almitamade made this amazing puffer jacket with a hood, using the Pogonip Pullover pattern! What an incredible hack transformation. 

@pamalamadingdong created a beautiful oversized Heather Blazer with welt pockets, such a cool vibe and perfect for layering.

We love this Donny shirt dress hack by @jujugalore with the more fitted skirt option, we can tell this is a popular hack amongst the community as we have seen a few Donny dress iterations now and they're all wonderful. 

 @bypaary created a Donny Dress hack as well, this one has more of a floaty smock shape skirt, a great easy hack to achieve and looks fabulous. 

@thats_sew_kelsy made the Saltwater Slip Dress into a more free flowing skirt with pockets! Using the fitted slip style of the top and the more loosely fitting skirt hack, creates such a gorgeous summer dress! 

@zoeandherstitches Created a Patina Blouse dress hack, with all the ruffles and gathers! We love the cottage core vibes of this make, and the long Patina sleeves with this is perfect. 

Both images by @bykathrynmiller who has created a dreamy mashup of the Heather Blazer and Ilford Jacket! Combining the silhouette of the Heather, with the neckline and collar of the Ilford, and then adding some awesome top stitching detailing down the front to create a faux look of denim jeans, so so rad! 

Last but not least, the lovely @Thatssewtracey created this fleece cosy vest using the Arlo Track Jacket, and making it sleeveless! Such a fab idea for adding a warm me made layer into your wardrobe. 

We hope you enjoyed this round up of community Friday sewing hacks, theres so many gorgeous projects and we absolutely love seeing them all, so thank you so much for sharing them with us. Make sure to support the makers in this post, all their instagram pages have been linked. 

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