Elysian Bodysuit

Elysian Bodysuit Easy Top Hack

Elysian Bodysuit Easy Top Hack

Hey friends, welcome back to the blog. In this post, we're sharing the easiest 'hack' ever.. and by hack we mean very simple modification to turn the Elysian Bodysuit into a top. We know bodysuits aren't suitable for everyone, so this is a great way to make cute little tops for casual everyday wear. 

Pattern modifications:

When cutting out your pattern pieces, you want to amend piece C and B (back and lower front pieces). As shown in the diagram you're cutting off that crotch section of the patterns to create a new top hem opening. You can simply do this by folding the pattern under where the side seams end, that way you don't have to re-cut your bodysuit pattern or trace it, if you cut off the crotch. 

*Depending on the length you would like your top to be, this is when you can either add or take away length. I decided to cut straight across and leave it like that, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance for the hem the top sits just below my belly button, so the perfect length for tucking into high waisted garments or layering under dresses etc. 

*Also you don't need to cut out the leg binging H pieces.

*All other pieces cut as normal.


 - Follow the sewing steps in the instructions 1-7.

- Once you get to step 8, where it shows how to stitch up the crotch seam and then add the leg binding, we can skip these steps.

- Once your side seams are sewn, we can now hem up the top. For stretch/knit fabrics this is really easy to do. You can either sew this up in your overlocker, or do what I did and turn it under towards the wrong side of the fabric 1/2 of an inch and zigzag stitch. There is no needed to double fold the hem like you would with woven fabrics, as knit fabrics don't fray and a single fold creates less bulk. 

- Another option could be to add a hem band, if your fabric is particularly stretchy and you're concerned about it stretching out of shape. The key to making any kind of hem band whether thats for neck bindings, sleeve cuffs or hems is to cut a rectangle of fabric that measures 80% less then the width of your project. 

- Optional step to add the sleeve cuffs as per the instructions - I skipped them for this top as the fabric didn't have a huge amount of stretch. 

Thats it! Super easy modification to do and another great project for beginner sewists. Happy making! 

Shop the Elysian Pattern here & it is now available in both PDF and printed format! 

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