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Blog — Elysian bodysuit

Elysian Bodysuit Easy Top Hack

Hey friends, welcome back to the blog. In this post, we're sharing the easiest 'hack' ever.. and by hack we mean very simple modification to turn the Elysian Bodysuit into a top. We know bodysuits aren't suitable for everyone, so this is a great way to make cute little tops for casual everyday wear. 
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Elysian Bodysuit with lace inserts hack | By Elodie @ElodieBlueberry

This blog post is by the guest Elodie from @Elodieblueberry showing how to create an Elysian Bodysuit with beautiful lace inserts. It's a lovely hack idea to give the Elysian a soft, subtle and feminine vibe, perfect for party season or gorgeous staple pieces in your wardrobe that feel a bit more luxe. Continue reading to find out more. 
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Elysian Bodysuits inspired by our star signs

In this blog post we have put together Elysian Bodysuits inspired by our star signs. We thought it would be cool try try visually represent our signs attributes in the form of a garment and sew together something with personal meaning to us. Continue reading to find out more about our signs and our choices for the makes. Paige: I am a Taurus with Leo rising and I used these Minerva fabrics to create a color block Elysian Bodysuit that included my birth stone color of green, being that this is also my favourite color. I mainly looked at color for representing my signs overall and the fierce/fiery color of yellow to symbolise Leo worked perfectly with the green! The...
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Exciting news, our brand new sewing pattern the Elysian Bodysuit is now available! The Elysian is designed for movement and rest. It's a soft layer you'll want to reach for everyday. It is a long sleeve bodysuit with a scoop neckline, curved seaming under the chest, and two cuff options. The Style lines on the Elysian make it perfect for mixing and matching colors and patterns. Continue reading to find out more.
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