Elysian bodysuit

Elysian Bodysuits inspired by our star signs

Elysian Bodysuits inspired by our star signs

In this blog post we have put together Elysian Bodysuits inspired by our star signs. We thought it would be cool try try visually represent our signs attributes in the form of a garment and sew together something with personal meaning to us. Continue reading to find out more about our signs and our choices for the makes.

Paige: I am a Taurus with Leo rising and I used these Minerva fabrics to create a color block Elysian Bodysuit that included my birth stone color of green, being that this is also my favourite color. I mainly looked at color for representing my signs overall and the fierce/fiery color of yellow to symbolise Leo worked perfectly with the green! The Butterfly fabric was the perfect combination of the two and the butterfly is a symbol of my spirituality, free-spirit & transforming into a more confident version of myself throughout my lifes challenges.

I'd say I am very much a Taureen who is loyal, stubborn and likes home comforts. The Elysian bodysuit is the perfect comfortable item of clothing because of the soft jersey fabrics. Overall it is a bold/stand out piece, representing my Leo rising (outward personality)! The extraverted, confident person that I might come across most likely through my use of bright clothing and fun/crafty aesthetic is always going to be something that shows through my personal style.


Chelsea: I’m a cancer with Gemini rising. I deeply resonate with being a water sign so I decided to make mine into a swimsuit! The suit is like a shell from the front but the open back is an expression of my true vulnerable nature. The colorblocking represents the duality of being a Gemini. Choosing bold fabrics speaks to my Gemini desire to stay excited and curious.

Fabrics are from a local shop called Hi-Fashion Fabrics (a local store in Sacramento).

Chelsea shares how to create this awesome swimsuit hack in a sewing tutorial on our YouTube channel. Click here to watch.

Shop the Elysian Bodysuit pattern here

If you make an Elysian inspired by your star sign, make sure to tag us on social media so we can see/share it! 

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