Elysian Bodysuit


Exciting news, our brand new sewing pattern the Elysian Bodysuit is now available! The Elysian is designed for movement and rest. It's a soft layer you'll want to reach for everyday. It is a long sleeve bodysuit with a scoop neckline, curved seaming under the chest, and two cuff options. The Style lines on the Elysian make it perfect for mixing and matching colors and patterns. Continue reading to find out more.
We're super pumped because this is our first pattern with mobile-friendly pattern instructions (as well as our usual loved PDF instructions)! So if you want the ease of using your phone, rather than printed instructions or big laptop/tablet screens taking up sewing space, then use our mobile friendly instructions link (you'll find it in your instruction pdf, so save it for later).


The Elysian is a form fitting bodysuit. The pattern was drafted using sample measurements for a height of 5’6” [168 cm] and a B/C cup bra size. We always recommend sewing a toile to get the fit perfect before cutting into your precious fabric.

Please keep in mind that you enter the Elysian from the neckline so if you adjust or raise the neckline, make sure you can still fit through it.

For guidance on adjusting the length, full bust adjustments, and other common fitting modifications, visit fridaypatterncompany.com/elysian-bodysuit-fit


The Elysian Bodysuit is designed for knits with at least 50% cross grain stretch and 4 way stretch. This means that your fabric needs to be able to stretch on both the lengthwise and crosswise grain


Hold a piece of un-stretched fabric and line the ends up at the two arrows. Keeping one end at the first arrow, stretch the other end to the 50% line. As long as it can stretch to that line, your fabric is suitable.

Find out more from Chelsea in the introduction to the Elysian Bodysuit video here.
Shop the Elysian Bodysuit PDF here.

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