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Friday Pattern Company Last Minute Gift Guide

Friday Pattern Company Last Minute Gift Guide

Have you left getting your loved ones a gift until the last minute? Fear not because we have put together a collection of items perfect for your sewing friends. We have included some small cost items, FREE downloads, our best-selling easy-to-sew, and seasonal sewing patterns that would be a great mixture of gifts or pick out your faves from the list. If you're looking for a sewing themed gift idea, this is the post for you. Continue reading to find out more.

Free patterns & Downloads:

Friday Bateau Top: This pattern is a pay what you can pattern, or you can simply choose the free option as well. Any little price you can afford would be great so we can continue to offer free patterns. Such a great gift for a friend, if you wanted to gift them the pattern, or maybe make them a last-min top!

Sport Shorts: Another Free/Pay what you can pattern are the Sport Shorts. They're cute and easy to sew and would be fab in the summer months, or made into pyjama shorts!

Sewing Lessons Gift Certificate: We put together a free sewing lessons printable certificate that you can fill out and gift your friends. Click here to read more and to find the download links.

Small Gifts:

If you are looking for some small but cute little gifts to maybe add to something bigger, or as a token of your appreciation, then our stickers are a fab little treat. Our delivery process may not be in time for Christmas now, BUT if you're having belated celebrations with friends after the holidays then this is a good option.

Sewing Pattern Must-Haves:

We wanted to include a few of our best-selling, beginner friendly, versatile, AND seasonal patterns in this gift list so that you can easily purchase without any choice difficulties!

Ilford Jacket:

This pattern is a fabulous outerwear pattern, perfect for all body types. We have a blog post on how to size up for a cis-male, as well as so many other helpful tutorials, and hacks. This is a great gift option for anyone. If you purchase the PDF you could send them an email-gift, OR print it from home for them and take the pattern together as well if you have time. There are lot's of ways you could gift the PDF pattern. Also, check out Paige's sewing pattern envelope organisers because they're fab for storing patterns, and would work perfectly alongside a PDF pattern gift. Shop the pattern here.

Pogonip Pullover:

This is our latest pattern release, and a great seasonal pattern. If your sewing loved one is already into sewing, they may love this easy-to-sew seasonal piece that is new to the Friday family. Shop the pattern here.

Wilder Gown: 

Last but not least, our best-selling Wilder Gown, as it is perfect for beginner sewists. If you're gifting a friend some sewing lessons, you could get the Wilder Gown PDF pattern alongside the certificate of lessons, as a cute bundle of treats. It's easy to sew, easy to fit, and comes in sizes XS-7X!

We hope you found these gift ideas useful, happy holidays.

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