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Blog — Patina Blouse

Patina Blouse Dress Sewing Hack

As we head into fall, it's the perfect time to start planning and working on fall projects. In this blog post we are showing you how to create a Patina Blouse dress hack, which is really easy to do. Continue reading to find out more.
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Patina Blouse Dress Hack with Ruffle Collar by Bella from @bellllagrace

Hey! My name is Bella from the Instagram @bellllagrace and I am a seamstress, illustrator, quilter and content creator! Immediately after I was asked to create a post for Friday, I knew exactly what I wanted to hack… The Patina Blouse pattern. Now, as much as I really like the pattern as it is, I don’t ever wear blouses. However, I’ve seen so many beautiful Patina Blouse versions on Instagram I knew it would be the perfect base for my idea. I’m sure you have all seen the iconic dagger collar-style dress sold by Molby The Label, and so what better pattern base than the Patina. I decided to create my version in a dead stock green and black zebra print...
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Patina Blouse 50/50 Color Block Sewing Hack | By Mary at @SableCraft

Hey, my name is Meg from @SableCraft and I'm sharing a Patina Blouse Hack Color Block in this blog post. Continue reading to find out how I create a black and cream color block Patina Blouse and the steps I took to alter the pattern pieces.
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Introducing the Patina Blouse!

Welcome back to our blog & happy Friday! Today we are introducing our new pattern, the Patina Blouse! In this blog post we are sharing more details of the Patina Blouse including the yardage requirements, fabric suggestions and step-by-step photos to accompany the pattern instructions. Keep reading to find out more.
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