Patina Blouse

Additional Neckline Depths for the Patina Blouse

Additional Neckline Depths for the Patina Blouse

We are so excited to offer additional neckline depths for the Patina Blouse. The original neckline depth of the pattern (Standard) as well as 'Lower' (which is lowered 1"[2.5cm]) are now included in the pattern. If you have already printed your pattern but want to the Lower neckline, you can download this file and overlay it on your pieces (see instructions below).

Figuring out the right depth for you:
The neckline depth measurements provided in the instructions are measured from the base of the neck at shoulder down to the center of the chest where the 'v' neckline will hit. You can use these measurements to get an idea of where that will hit on your body and which depth you would prefer!

Overlaying the Lower Neckline Piece:
 If you already have your pattern printed with the 'Standard' neckline depth but want to cut the lower neckline you can download this file. It is 9 pages and includes the adjusted pieces for the lower neckline with an abbreviated version of the front so that it can be overlayed on the piece you already printed out. Just match up the top and bottom of the pattern pieces.
BONUS Neckline Depths:
As an additional bonus we made some adjusted necklines that will not be included in the pattern but can be downloaded below and overlayed on the pattern!

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