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How to sew the Burrito Method

How to sew the Burrito Method

We feature the Burrito Method sewing technique in a few of our sewing patterns, so we wanted to share some detailed photos of the Burrito Method in action, to help you on your way to perfecting the technique. It's a fabulous way to enclose seams for a beautiful finish, continue reading to find out more.

What is the Burrito Method?

As yummy as it sounds, this is not a method of eating a burrito, but a fabulous sewing method. The burrito method, also known as the enclosed seam method, is a sewing technique used to encase seams between two layers of fabric. It’s especially handy for sewing garments with yokes, linings, or facings, giving your creations a professional touch. With this method, you can say goodbye to raw edges peeking out and bulky, unfinished seams.

The burrito method photographed is part of the Patina Blouse Sewing Pattern, but the process is the same if not similar for other burrito methods. 

Lay your project flat, right side facing up. Roll your front and back bodices up towards the neckline so the bottoms of your two back yoke pieces can match up, RST. 

Here you can see the 2 side fronts rolled up and sitting on top of the back yoke on one side, leaving the un-attached back yoke out to the side Right side up as shown.

The back is also rolled up out of the way, sitting in the middle with the 2 side fronts, exposing that back yoke seam that has already been sewn to the lower back.

Pick up the two yokes, and pin them together matching notches and then sew using the regular 3/8”[1cm] seam allowance. Trim and grade the seam. Pull your project right side out through the side of the yoke. Press seam.

Be careful whilst sewing not to catch any of the pieces rolled up inside. Once that is sewn you can gently pull the project through the side, leaving the yoke seam encased inside and a beautiful finish. 

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