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Introducing The Limited Edition Friday Fabrics!

Introducing The Limited Edition Friday Fabrics!
Exciting news, we have just launched our new limited edition Friday Fabric! This collection of fabrics is hand-picked deadstock, that cannot be re-ordered so it's really special one-off pieces. We purposely chose each fabric to be great options for a bunch of our Friday Patterns. Find out more about the fabrics, see inspirational projects, and more in this blog post. 

Friday Fabric:

This collection of Friday Fabric has been specifically chosen and hand-picked with Friday Patterns in mind. We have always had a passion for amazing Fabrics, so when the opportunity to source our own came along, we grabbed at the chance! We wanted to make sure the fabrics reflected the fun and playfulness that is quintessential to Friday Patterns. Below are the pieces in the collection. There is very limited stock, and once it's gone it's gone.

Pass the Cheese Please - Rayon

Groovy Satin Check 

Farm Yard Fashion Satin

Dressy Check Rayon Fabric Black

Seashell Squares Fabric

Dress Check Rayon

Pretty Flower Rayon

Bias Bandana Bonanza Rayon

Cross Stitch Rose Crepe Rayon

What is Deadstock Fabric?

Deadstock fabric goes by a few names like 'overstock,' 'surplus fabric,' or 'remnant', but most commonly in the sewing community you will come across the term deadstock. Essentially, it's the leftover fabric that can't be used for its original purpose anymore - Often from designers, retail outlets, factories, mills, and more. The sustainability of these fabrics depends on what they're made from, be it viscose, cotton, or something else. Here's the cool part: instead of letting it go to waste, us sewists can put them to good use to make our own beautiful creations that we can treasure for years to come. Of course, it's not the perfect solution to sustainability, but it's a good place to start, and means the fabrics don't goto waste or landfill! 

Project Ideas:

As already mentioned, we chose the fabrics with Friday Patterns in mind, and have put together some fun make ideas. Friday Pattern Company Owner and Designer Chelsea has already put a couple to good use, and created some beautiful makes, see below!

Here Chelsea created a beautiful Saturday Skirt Set Skirt in this awesome cheese print fabric! It's a statement piece, but looks amazing with a denim vest, or styled with a sweatshirt and sneakers.

Another beautiful make Chelsea has created is this Saltwater Slip Dress in fruity Satin fabric. It's been hacked slightly to created a sexy scoop neck! Perfect party season dress. 

Donny shirt

Hughes Dress

Ilford Jacket

Saguaro Set

Wilder Gown

Square Neck Top

Saturday Skirt Set Skirt

Saltwater Slip Dress

Avenir Jumpsuit

We hope these graphics inspire you to create something beautiful with the fabrics, shop the collection here.


Will we be stocking more fabric? Yes and no! Our aim is to occasional have limited hand picked collections and 'drops', so make sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know when we have new stock, and for exclusive newsletter discount.

Will there be more stock of this collection? Sadly, no. This collection has very limited quantities, and this is because it is deadstock. Where we supplied it, the fabric has been used by indie designers, and brands, and so they won't be manufactured again. That's what makes it so special. 

Will I be able to purchase this from anywhere in the world? Yes, we have international shipping options. The price for shipping is worked out based on weight, and of course to some countries shipping may be pricey. If you add fabric to your cart and checkout you will get a shipping quote before you pay.


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