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Long Sleeved Donny Shirt Hack

Long Sleeved Donny Shirt Hack

This has been a highly requested blog post and I am happy so many people reached out because I love my new long sleeved Donny Shirt! This hack is pretty simple and hardly changes the sewing process of the Donny shirt. There are many ways you could lengthen the sleeves, this is probably the simplest way. At the end of the post we have some inspo for some hacks you could do on this hack to make different styles of sleeve!

For this hack you will need the Donny Shirt pattern. Available here as a PDF and here as a printed pattern.

We will be adjusting Sleeve (G) piece. I drew an 18"[46cm] line squared off from the underarm on each side of the sleeve. I squared that line off at the bottom. Easy peasy! I considered adding elastic or some type of tie to my sleeve hem but ended up leaving it as is. It has a loose silhouette that is unlike any tops I currently own and I really like how it looks!


I sewed up the whole top and then tried it on with the sleeves as is. I identified the length I wanted the sleeves to be and pressed the hem under 1/2"[1.3cm] and then another 2"[5cm], then edgestitched the hem in place.

And that is it! I love my new top. The fabric is a kind of rayon crepey fabric that is substantial enough to wear in fall but still breezy.

Here are some ways you can hack this hack:

  • If you have (or want) the Patina Blouse pattern, the sleeve can be used on the Donny Shirt. The notches won't match up perfectly but you can adjust the gathers at the sleeve head so that it fits into the Donny armscye. The Patina features a continuous bound placket and cuff with a button so it will have a really nice blousy look!

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