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Square Neck Top Tie Front Hack

We're a sucker for a Pinterest trend here at Friday, so we decided to give the latest craze a try using our Square Neck Top pattern. Tie up front tops are a cute laid back style of top, that gives a cute cottage core vibe, with the bow details. In this blog post we talk through the pattern amends, and simple additional things needed to create this awesome tie front top, with ruffle peplum hem. Continue reading to find out more.
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Square Neck Top Dress Hack by Jeanette

Hi, my name is Jeanette (@netty.hayes.sews).  I am really happy to be here on the Friday blog sharing my hack of the square neck top pattern.  I love simple and stylish dresses that showcase beautiful fabrics. Having made the square neck top recently, I decided it could easily be turned into a lovely, effortless, pull-over-your-head dress with a beautiful silhouette and endless possibilities in terms of fabrics. Continue reading to see how to create this lovely Square Neck Top Dress.
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Guest Post: Mijke Makes the Cutest Square Neck Top Ever

This guest post was written by Mijke of @sewitcurly You can shop the Square Neck Top here.  ---- Hello, I am Mijke from @sewitcurly and I very happy to present my Square Neck top here on the Friday Pattern Co. blog. The pattern has been recently updated and I was so very glad to see Chelsea had added two cup sizes for her woven version. As I am very small around the bust, I always do a small bust adjustment, but this time there was no need! Yay! I chosen to make the size small, but in hindsight XS would have been better. As a cute addition to this pattern I have made a small ruffle inside the neckline. I will tell...
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Pattern Hack: The Square Neck Top // Woven Fabric

The Square Neck Top is an easy to sew box top, designed for knit fabrics. The number one question we get is "Do you think I could make it out of a woven fabric?". Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, YES! Yes, you can 
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