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Pattern Hack: The Square Neck Top // Woven Fabric

Pattern Hack: The Square Neck Top // Woven Fabric

The Square Neck Top is an easy to sew box top, designed for knit fabrics. The number one question we get is "Do you think I could make it out of a woven fabric?". Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you, YES! Yes, you can make the Square Neck Top from a woven fabric, and it looks fantastic to boot. 

This Square Neck Top is made it from a nice linen blend with a little drape, and a whole lotta wrinkle. On this version I decided to topstitch the facing down instead of hand tacking it. I like the added character that it gives.

The only pattern modification that I did was to drop the armpit 1". You may or may not want to do this. I personally cannot stand tops that are tight or bunchy in my armpits, but it's up to you. To drop the armpit:

  • Cut and pin your pattern pieces on your fabric as usual
  • Once you have your pieces pinned, using some tailors chalk (or a different marking tool) measure 1" down from where the armpit ends, mark it.
  • Using a french curve, round the edge so that it meets up with the sideseam of your top (if you don't have a french curve you can kind of eyeball it, its a pretty forgiving underarm)
  • Repeat on front and back pieces!
french curve

And that's it! Super easy! I love my woven Square Neck Top... almost more than I love the knit version... almost. 

Square Neck Top Sewing Pattern Linen
Square Neck Top
Frank Miller the Wonder Dog

Bonus shot of my studio assistant / professional derp-face, Frank. :P

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