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Friday Pattern Company A/W Capsule Me-Made Wardrobe

Friday Pattern Company A/W Capsule Me-Made Wardrobe

Hey! Welcome back to the Friday blog. You may have seen a few months ago we shared a spring/summer Friday Capsule Wardrobe, and it was such a great way to show how versatile our patterns are. When designing sewing patterns here at Friday, we always keep in mind how our patterns can work together, and how they can be styled in various ways. This capsule takes items from Paige's me-made wardrobe, along with some old and new items and shows how they can be styled together for autumn and winter. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe is a fantastic way to streamline your closet, simplify your style choices, and maximise the versatility of your outfits. By using sewing patterns from Friday, you have the opportunity to craft a collection of garments that seamlessly coordinate with one another while reflecting your personal style. Building a capsule wardrobe can be super rewarding and fun to do, and take the stress away from choosing an outfit. Having key pieces can really help to make that happen, so you feel awesome every time you reach for your me made garms. Whether you work from home, in the office, or need both casual and smart outfits, you can tailor your capsule me-mades around what works for you. Autumn Winter is all about smart layering pieces, and how you can utilise your clothing to stay warm but wear on repeat. 

Color palette:

When creating a capsule wardrobe, keep colour palettes in mind because having a few key colours can help to make each piece multi-use friendly and give you the ability to mix and match. As well as colours, think about your lifestyle and how you usually tend to dress yourself. For example, if you work from home, perhaps you need more loungewear pieces that can also be elevated to style in more dressy ways for when you go out. 

In my capsule wardrobe, I wanted to have some key bright shades that would work both as staple pieces, and mixed together. For Autumn Winter I don't tend to wear a lot of dark shades, and I tend to be drawn more to brights, jewel tones, navy, and white. I have a lot of bright pink in my wardrobe so I started with that colour as my main focus, and then the green and mustard tones as additional colors. I knew I needed some base colours to break them up so decided to make a new pair of Saguaro Pants in navy cupro fabric, with pink piping down the side seams to tie in those colours. Then the rest was fairy easy to tie it all together, as I have a lot of similar tones in my wardrobe. The black and white Saturday Skirt Set isn't the most versatile compared to the other pieces but I knew the skirt would get a lot of wear with all the different top options. It's probably the 'wild card' of the capsule but I knew I wanted to include it. 

Sewing patterns & other items included in this capsule:

- Ilford Quilted Jacket: I made this with some patchwork fabric, and quilted it with bamboo wadding, and gingham lining. The flower buttons are from my collection on Etsy here.

- Donny Shirt: This is my most worn top this year, the Donny shirt made in a mustard lightweight cotton, just goes with everything!

- Patina Blouse: The Patina blouse is a great pattern because it can be dressed up or down. I made a bright pink viscose satin Patina and wear it a lot. 

- Sagebrush Top: Another firm favorite in my wardrobe is the Sagebrush Top, I made this in a white Jacquard and the sleeve is slightly reduced in size. 

- Heather Blazer: This Heather blazer is one of my most worn layering pieces. Because of the check fabric, I can pick out colours from that or clash it against other shades. 

- Adrienne Blouse Dress: I used the Adrienne Blouse pattern to create a dress, and it's a really comfy dress, that can be styled dressed up or down. 

- Saturday Skirt Set: The Saturday Skirt Set is really versatile, wear them together as a cute coord, or style the pieces separately. The skirt shows up a lot in this capsule! 

- Patina Blouse Dress: You may have seen this Patina Blouse Dress hack recently on the blog. It's a lovely dress for autumn/winter. 

- Saguaro Set Pants: This is a new pair of pants in my me-made wardrobe, and it was a considered make to go with other items. When creating a capsule warobe, look for gaps and missing items you need, in my case I knew I needed more bottom garments to style with tops, so these were the perfect addition. 

- Bateau Top: The Bateau Top is a lovely basic you can make with short or long sleeves, and a great layering piece. 

Outfit Examples:

As well as the sewing patterns and items listed above, it's always good to have a few accessories, and shoes that also go with everything. You can have the perfect outfit, but if you haven't factored in footwear then it may take away from the final look. My main advice would be to keep the shoes neutral, or to match the colors in the capsule. Handbags, hair accessories, or any other detail can also match the colours, and lastly you could have a clashing print but I've always found those accessories harder to style. The aim is to be able to piece outfits together from several items that all harmonise with each other. 

Outfit 1:

Combination of the Saguaro Set pants in navy cupro, a green Bateau Top, styled with a green bag and high top Converse. This is a great everyday outfit that I will be wearing for working from home, trips out with my daughter, and for other casual occasions.

Outfit 2:

Featuring the same Bateau Top as before, with the Saturday Skirt, black Vans, and a beret. 

Outfit 3:

The same Saturday Skirt as before, styled with the Patina Blouse, Black Vans, and a contrasting green bag. I love how fun the pop of colors are.

Outfit 4:

Outfit 4 is such a fun one, with a dressed up Patina Blouse, with the Saguaro pants, and matching bag. This would look so cute out for coffee with friends, or even taking my little one to play groups. It mixes casual and cute together.

Outfit 5:

Outfit 5 shows how versatile the quilted jacket is, it can be worn over all of these outfits when the weather starts to get colder. The Adrienne Blouse Dress is an easy throw-on piece as well. 

Outfit 6:

Another cute look with the quilted jacket, but this time with the Patina Dress, you could also add a pair of tights and boots when it gets much colder.

Outfit 7:

Similar look as before but swapping out the quilted jacket with the Heather, making this a more dressy smart look. 

Outfit 8:

Last but not least, the Donny shirt, Saguaro Pants, and Heather Blazer! There are so many other ways these items can be styled as well but hopefully these examples give you the inspiration you need to create your own Friday capsule wardrobe!

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