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Blog — Davenport Dress

3 Adaptations of the Davenport Dress by Siri Kate

Hey hey! I am Siri from @siri_kate on Instagram. When I first saw the Davenport dress, I felt drawn to it even though it’s a little outside of my comfort zone. Anytime I start a new pattern, I try to examine it from all the angles - how many ways can I wear it and how can I hack the pattern. I am quite happy to share with you 3 ways you can use the latest Friday Pattern Company Pattern. 
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Hacking The Davenport Dress To Make A Top by @needleandthebelle

Hey guys, my name is Aaronica from @Needleandthebelle. The Davenport Dress is such a dreamy pattern that coming up with a hack was hard—how do you change something that’s already so wonderful? Well, friends, I did it. In this blog post I share how I hacked the Davenport Dress to be a knit top that’s perfect for the spring and summer seasons.  When I started out sewing, I didn’t understand that you couldn’t use woven fabrics for knit patterns. But I quickly learned that you can use knit fabrics for woven patterns and that’s just what I did here. Because the pattern is drafted for woven, I didn’t have to use my coverstitch to finish the garment—my sewing machine and...
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The Davenport Dress With Ankle Length Skirt by Atia from @thebrightblooms

Hi I’m Atia @thebrightblooms (on Instagram) and I’m so happy to be sharing a post on the Friday Pattern Company blog! As soon as I saw the Davenport dress pattern I knew it would be the perfect style for me. In this blog post I talk through making the pattern and how I adapted the skirt to be ankle length.
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Introducing; The Davenport Dress Pattern

Welcome our brand new sewing pattern, the Davenport Dress! We are so excited to launch this new pattern and in this blog post, we share more details about the pattern, the sizing, suggested fabrics, and inspirational images to get you ready to make! Keep reading to find out more.
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