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3 Adaptations of the Davenport Dress by Siri Kate

3 Adaptations of the Davenport Dress by Siri Kate

Hey hey! I am Siri from @siri_kate on Instagram. Yes, it’s exactly like the iPhone and no, I don’t mind the question. When I first saw the Davenport dress, I felt drawn to it even though it’s a little outside of my comfort zone. Anytime I start a new pattern, I try to examine it from all the angles - how many ways can I wear it and how can I hack the pattern. I am quite happy to share with you 3 ways you can use the latest Friday Pattern Company Pattern. The Davenport Dress is perfect for all the warm weather sewing you might want.

First, I always start with making the original design sans hacks when I am making a new pattern. I went with a color that’s in my go to palette in a washed cotton poplin. For all the lovely little details, the dress came together so quickly! I can imagine wearing it with boots and a lovely knitted vest when it’s chilly or now in the warmer weather with a nice light weight cardigan and sneakers. The sleeve length makes it perfect for transitional seasons. I loved the construction of the bodice and it made me excited to make more.

Next, the neckline and little flutter sleeve almost demanded to be used as a little sleeveless floral top.  It was second on my list to make from the Davenport Dress and I had the perfect Liberty floral print linen blend in my stash. To get my favorite deep hem for the shirt, I used the front and back bodice pieces from the Sagebrush Top as a guide for the length and the hem instructions. You could use your go-to top pattern just as easily. Then, I used bias binding on the armcyles and I thought that I would provide a quick little tutorial as follows. 

  1. Cut 1” bias tape approximately the length of the armcyle.
  1. Pin and sew with 0.25” seam allowance per standard bias binding


  1. Press bias binding away from the main body and edgestitch.
  1. Fold edge over and then fold over again and top stitch the bias binding down. Make sure that you edgestitch the bias binding towards the body of the garment. So, the ruffle is on the outside of the edge stitching.

Last but not least, I have seen several ready to wear summer frocks with an adorable flutter sleeve and midi length. This was also on my list to make with the Davenport Dress pattern. I chose this quilting cotton batik that was reminiscent of gingham but different.  The modifications that I made to the pattern are simple. I started by using the same hack for making it sleeveless as I did with the top. Then I lengthened the bottom tier ruffle by approximately 7 inches. I prefer my midi tiered skirts to be about equal in the tiers. Just like that, it becomes a lovely midi dress perfect for summer tea parties.

Now you have 3 great warm weather staples from the latest Friday Pattern Company pattern, the Davenport Dress. I can’t wait to see what you make from this pattern. Chelsea has created another great pattern that I think will be a hit and it was an honor to get to write a blog post about it. Don’t you worry, I have another hack up my sleeve and you will just have to stay tuned.

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