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Scrap Busting Sewing Ideas

Scrap Busting Sewing Ideas

Sewing is a great way to make more sustainable choices with your wardrobe but often sewing projects can be left with fabric scraps and waste. If, like me, you can’t part with the cutoffs big or small then this blog post should hopefully provide some inspirational projects for those scraps. 

Larger scraps for cushions or a footstool

Cushions are a great beginner project, so you could always keep things simple by cutting square shapes from larger pieces of scraps, or have fun with it and sew lots of odd shapes together for a patchwork look. Another great option is the Closet Case free footstool pattern which would need larger pieces for the main footstool but then you could stuff the inside with all those pesky small pieces. 

Scrunchies, hair ties, and hair wraps

This idea has to be one of the most classic scrap busting staples and that is to make scrunchies. If you don;t tend to wear them, you could always try making hair bands with a wrap/knot in the middle of the fabric and gluing onto a plastic alice band. Or create a hair wrap for sleeping in or for protecting curly or afro hair.

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Patchwork tote bags

Tote bags are another fun and easy project for beginners and all skill levels. Using scraps you can have a lot of fun with this, whether it’s with patchwork, colour blocking or applique. 

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Stand up flower pots

If you have slightly thicker pieces of scrap used for coating, rain coats or quilting cotton then you could try making some stand up fabric bags and fold over the tops, line with calico or apply an interfacing - something to give it reinforcement and it makes for a lovely flower pot. 

Block piece strap top

If you want to use your scraps to make another item of clothing then a simple strap top would be good. You could do a hack of the Saltwater Slip dress and make it into rectangle panels if you don’t have pieces big enough. 

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Gift bags

A lovely sustainable project for gifting is to make little fabric bags with a straw string. Click here to see a really cute YouTube video tutorial I did on my channel. 

Neck bows

Accessories are always a great way of adding a new look to an outfits and using long scraps or strips of fabric you can create some simple neck bows to wear with plain tops or blouses to make them look like pussy-bow blouses and great for cottage core aesthetic.  


This year has seen a huge rise of collars on blouses and dresses, as well as handmade collars you can wear over existing tops. Tilly and the Buttons have a free collar pattern on their blog that is a great scrap project and would look super cute made in printed fabrics. 

Embroidery Art

Fancy having a go at something a little different? Some fabrics are so beautiful, why not turn them into works of art. Pop the fabric into an embroidery hoop (you can get all various sizes) and either hand stitch on a word/slogan or even add some lovely beading - Or try out a new skill and do some free motion embroidery on your sewing machine. This is not only a lovely creative way of using scrap but would make a great unique gift. 

Face Masks

Last but not least, fabric face masks. Face Masks are super easy to make with lots of tutorials on YouTube to follow. Use the scraps to make them and you could even make matching ones to your project/outfit!

I hope this has given you lots of creative ideas for using up scrap fabric. There is a good range of ideas for all skill levels as well. If you make any of the above we would love to see! Tag us on social media @FridayPatternCompany

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