Mindfulness Sewing Tips

Mindfulness Sewing Tips

Hey guys, Paige here. I thought I'd share a little insight into something that really helps me with my mental health and likely will for a lot others as well without even realising it. Sewing for me has become a way to be present and practise my mindfulness. I think a lot of us can agree that sewing as a hobby/skill can feel pretty therapeutic. In this blog post I am sharing 5 mindfulness sewing tips that I enjoy, as I think it might be beneficial for those who need a little positivity boost.

Write down smaller sewing tasks in a list

When starting a new project I can sometimes feel overwhelmed with how many steps there are in a project! A great way to start off level headed and feeling present is to write a list to break down the tasks into smaller chunks. I love being able to sew knowing I can do smaller time blocks like 20 minutes or longer depending on how I feel. Having a list of smaller taks breaks it down and means I start without feeling overwhelmed. 

Listen to meditation music whilst sewing

This is a personal choice but when I am sewing I get in my zone and it’s a great feeling to stay present and focus on the task at hand. To add an extra element of calm I love popping on a meditation music playlist which helps make me feel really calm, zen and in the perfect mind frame for sewing. 

Take regular breathing breaks

I think it’s fair to say we have all been there with sewing when you start feeling frustrated when things go wrong. In the Friday sewing patterns, there's an added list of things to do when you feel overwhelmed which is perfect for taking breaks. I’ll pop them below as a good list of inspiration for when you need to take a little break. 

Hand stitching & mending

A lovely task perfect for practising mindfulness is hand stitching and mending & it’s a great thing to do in the evenings whilst watching TV or relaxing. Hand stitching is great for smaller projects and mending is a lovely way to renew clothing & give things longevity. 

Positive Affirmations 

Last but not least, practising positive affirmations is great any time but when sewing it can help to boost your confidence and practise even more mindfulness techniques. If you’re ever feeling doubtful, or a project isn;t going to plan, try writing down positive affirmations about things you love about that make, or skills you have learnt by making those mistakes. That way you see the positive side to mistakes but also focus on the good things about yourself and your sewing. 

I hope this was a nice insight into ways you can add a bit of mindfulness into your sewing. Sewing in itself is a lovely mindful task, much like crafting - but having a few extra tools like this make it a fantastic hobby for bettering your mental health and happiness and even more rewarding when you finish a project.

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