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Saguaro Set Hiking Pants Sewing Hack

Saguaro Set Hiking Pants Sewing Hack

Hey! In this blog post we are sharing details about our latest sewing hack to create a pair of adjustable hiking pants from our Saguaro Set Sewing Pattern. Take them from a pair of shorts, to full length pants with some easy snap fastenings. 

Pattern Amends:

- Taper in the leg on both the font and back pieces by 1 inch on each side (next time I will be doing more like 1.5/2 inches).

- Lower the rise, keeping the pocket side front angle in tact, do this by following the cut lines shown above. I lowered the rise by 2 inches.

- Mark down from the front crotch seam 3 inches, and mark a line straight across. Cut the excess leg off and keep to one side to amend.

- We need to add to the shorts hem to create the snap placket, and fabric fold (that hides the snap placket from the outside). 

- Measure 1.5 inches, draw a line, measure another 1.5 inches draw a line, measure 1 inch draw a line, then measure another 1 inch and draw a line, and finally add a 1cm 3/8inch seam allowance. 

- With the pant bottom pieces from and back, add on 2inches plus 3/8 inch like the diagram below.

Other things to note:

- The fabric is a linen

- You will need your usual sewing notions but also:

- Iron on interfacing

- Snap fastenings 

- Added pockets from the Ilford Jacket

Sewing Process

- Pre-press the hem folds that you added to the shorts in an 'accordion style' if unsure, please watch the sew-along video here.

- Follow the instructions for the Saguaro pants to sew the pockets, waist band, and side seams.

Add iron on interfacing to the top of the bottom leg pieces, front and back (the 2 inches you added on). 

Add pockets to the side, you can use the Ilford Jacket free pocket download here. Be aware of the pocket placement in this step so that it isn't sewn into when hemming the shorts.

Once the front pieces are sewn together as per the instructions, you can hem them up by following the fold lines to create the snap placket and front hem flap as shown above. 

Repeat the sewing steps for the lower pant pieces, mark on the front and back inseam so not to confuse the pieces.

Once sewn, you can add the snap fastenings to the shorts hem and top of the leg pieces.

Here are the finished hiking pants! If you would like to see the full sew-along video click here to watch

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