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Sagebrush Sewalong Post 1: Getting Inspired

Sagebrush Sewalong Post 1: Getting Inspired

Welcome to the Sagebrush Sew Along! In this post we will get inspired to sew. You can check out the pattern here

When designing the Sagebrush I was thinking about the type of top I want to wear in a Sacramento Summer. Once summer hits it is over 100 degrees most days and there are a few things that a top must have:

  • Loose and billowy is preferred, I can't have any fabric clinging to me!
  • Something that can be made in a wide variety of natural fiber fabrics. 
  • A bit of coverage is nice. I worry about sun exposure and this top gives you coverage on your arms without being too hot. 
  • It's gotta go with shorts and sandals. Starting in June I wear denim shorts pretty much every day. 

The Sagebrush is easy to wear and looks cute tucked into high waisted bottoms! It is also perfect for throwing on over your bathing suit after a nice swim!

The Sagebrush Top is deceptively simple making it perfect for customizing to your own unique style. In this post we will share some ready to wear styles and fabrics to help get you excited to make your Sagebrush.

Just look at this gorgeous puff sleeve with pleating detail! Sometimes you can find pre-pleated fabric or this is something you could hack yourself!

Image from Cecile Bahnsen

 The Sagebrush would look so cute lengthened to a dress (blog post coming soon)! This dress has a different silhouette through the body but would be a great jumping off point for getting inspired!

Image from And Other Stories

Or this shorter dress inspiration! Also, that backpack on the ground in the background is amazing!

Image from Ganni

The Sagebrush in a white organza would be beyond beautiful! Just a tip, this pattern does require a fair amount of pressing so opt for a silk organza rather than polyester. 

This top is from Amanda Uprichard

You could add ruffles up around the shoulders and lengthen the sleeves to get this look!

Image from Nordstroms

Finally, the ultimate puff sleeve inspiration. Now this would take a bit of hacking but I am confident that an industrious sewist could get this look from the Sagebrush ;)

Photo: Hulu

Check out #sagebrushtop on Instagram to see versions that people have made!

In the next post we will talk fabric and getting prepared to sew! Click here to go to the next post. 

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