Holiday Gift Ideas For Sewists

Holiday Gift Ideas For Sewists

Tis' the season for gifting and the perfect opportunity to add some sewing newness to your wishlist or shop some handy items for other keen sewist friends. In this blog post we have put together a list of gift ideas perfect for sewists! Continue reading to see more.

Printed patterns:

First thing that comes to mind that would make a great gift is a printed pattern (or two)! They're a lovely thing to be able to wrap and gift, as well as being a price point that most can purchase for friends or family. Also a great stocking filler idea! 

Gift Vouchers:

Gift vouchers get a bad reputation for being a lazy present but in my experience I have loved receiving a voucher for one of my favourite fabric shops or for a shop I can buy craft materials. 


As mentioned above in gift vouchers, fabric is a great choice for sewists! You could add fabric onto your wishlist if you have had your eye on a particular brand or print - vouchers are a good way to do this or you could pop fabric with the link to the shop on your wish list! 

New Tools:

This is the perfect time to perhaps ask for some decent sewing tools or new equipment if yours are due a bit of TLC or updating. Perhaps a new pair of fabric scissors, a fancy un-picker like these lovely ones from foxglove and field - Or how about a new machine foot like a walking foot (which I am realising more and more how handy they are to have), a rotary cutter, new pins (great stocking filler) or mini iron for your craft rooms. There are lots of awesome tools and equipment that can make your sewing process easier and more streamlined!

Sewing Box:

Are you a new sewist and looking to expand on your tools and equipment as above? How about asking for a fancy sewing box, you know like the ones your nan or mum had growing up! A sewing box is essential for storing all the necessary tools for sewing and there are lots of lovely ones on the market. In the UK, John Lewis stock some beautiful ones including Liberty print boxes and wooden styles, and more. 


Last but not least is a mannequin! Bit of a random gift idea but one that is currently on my wish list. If you are a keen sewist making things for yourself regularly then it can be handy to have a dress mannequin in your size. You can get an adjustable one to alter the size and shape to your measurments that look great. 

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas perfect for sewists! If there is anything you think would also be good on the list then comment below.

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