Butano Button Up

Butano Button Up Tester Round Up

Butano Button Up Tester Round Up

When we were working on the Butano Button Up, we had a lovely group of testers who created some beautiful versions. In this blog post we have collated them together so you can see the Butano Button Up on various body types, and in various styles. We want you to feel inspired and ready to sew one for yourself! Continue reading to see more.

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Short Sleeve Versions:

The short sleeve option is a great throw-on option for the warmer months, and is effortlessly cool and easy to wear and style. We love these tester versions and all the different colours, fabrics, and stylish for each of them! 

Long Sleeve Versions:

The Butano has a long sleeve option with a bound placket and cuff, this is a great version as a cover up at the beach, a smart shirt for feeling fancy, or a loungewear work horse in your wardrobe. It's such a versatile pattern and you can really see that in the testers versions. 










Design Details:

The Butano Button Up is perfect for adding design details to bring out your personal style, and we loved seeing the style choices from our testers. From adding bandanas to the neck loops, scallop stitching detail to the cuffs and button plackets, and simple finishing details with matching buttons. All these details and style choices create a Butano thats entirely bespoke to you. 


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