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2022 Goals & Sewing Plans

2022 Goals & Sewing Plans

2022 Goals for Friday Pattern Company

Hey, Chelsea here; In 2022 I want to bring intentionality and luxury into my sewing. I want to work toward creating a wardrobe that is an absolute joy to wear. In this blog post, Paige and I write down our intensions and goals for the year with our sewing, continue reading to find out more.
Before I jump into 2022 goals, I feel it important to reflect on what I already started In 2021, as some of the goals are an on-going process:
- I Tried to get really clear on what I like to wear. It may seem like it would be obvious but I spent some time comparing what feels good from both a comfort/style perspective and what I actually own. I tried to pay attention to why I gravitate toward certain items and never put on others. I find that as someone who likes clothes I tend to like a lot more stuff than what is actually my style.
- I also Figured out what my colors are, this could be a whole separate blog post, but essentially I had someone tell me which colors work best with my coloring. Luckily "my" colors are the colors I was gravitating toward for the most part.
- I also Sewed a lot of essentials. Maybe it was the pandemic, or just how I was feeling but I sewed a lot of neutral wardrobe essentials and more basics.
In 2022 I want to:
- Only sew things that I really want. I am planning on being very intentional about what I make and only bring things into my wardrobe that are needed and wanted.
- Only sew things that I feel inspired by. I want to spend more time planning my projects and sourcing high quality materials that I will love sewing with.
- Make some fancy stuff. I spend a lot of time sewing but I tend to shy away from big complicated projects. I want to make things in 2022 that are fancy, and extravagant, and exciting!

Up-coming sewing plans - Paige

Hey Paige here, this year I have lots of things I would love to make for myself following from having my baby at the end of 2021. With my postpartum figure, I need to sew some new garments that I feel good in and fit my new shape. It's probably going to be the biggest challenge when it comes to my sewing plans, having to re-learn how to fit and adapt patterns to be right for me, but all part of the process.

My aim for my new garments is to have items I can mix-and-match, with more basic plain fabric pieces as 'bases' for layering. I tend to be a print magpie and I am always drawn to florals and fun colours, so having more basics will mean more outfit choices. I'll be sharing my journey into motherhood whilst I navigate my new personal style. 

I do also have a couple of statement fabrics I want to turn into highlight pieces in my wardrobe. I have a gorgeous William Morris cavas style cotton fabric I want to turn into a Heather Blazer! I think this would look gorgeous with basic dresses and jeans. I practically live in Wilder Gowns and Sagebrush dress hacks in the spring summer so I will definitely be continuing my love of those in fun prints. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing about our sewing goals this year! We will of course be sharing our journey and progress on here and the Friday Pattern Company YouTube channel so keep an eye out for content on there.

We can't wait to see what you are sewing this year and make sure to keep us in the loop on social media with the hashtag #FridayPatternCompany

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