Saturday Skirt Set Fitting

The Saturday Skirt Set has an easy and adjustable fit. The pattern was drafted using sample measurements for a height of 5’6” [168 cm] and a B/C cup bra size. We always recommend sewing a toile to get the fit perfect before cutting into your precious fabric. Below is some guidance for common adjustments and modifications.
Lengthening/Shortening the Skirt
  • On Skirt Front (H) and Skirt Back (I) cut across the lengthen/shorten line.
  • To lengthen, spread the pieces apart to add the desired amount of length. Tape a scrap of paper in place behind your new opening.
  • To shorten, overlap the pieces to remove the desired amount of length. Tape in place.
  • Redraw sideseams.
  • Trace new pattern pieces!