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Donny Shirt Fitting

The Donny Shirt has a boxy fit without being oversized. There is no shaping through the waist and hips. It is slightly cropped and the hem is meant to fall above your hips. If you lengthen the top so that it falls below your hip line, make sure it will fit around your full hip measurement. The Donny Top was drafted using sample measurements for a B bra cup and for a height of 5’6”[168cm].

We recommend choosing a size based on your full chest measurement.

Lengthening/Shortening the Shirt
  • On Front (A) and Back (D) cut across the lengthen/shorten line.
  • To lengthen, spread the pieces apart to add the desired amount of length. Tape a scrap of paper in place behind your new opening.
  • To shorten, overlap the pieces to remove the desired amount of length. Tape in place.
  • Redraw sideseams.
  • Trace new pattern pieces!