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The Wilder Gown Pattern Inspiration

The Wilder Gown Pattern Inspiration

The Wilder Gown pattern is finally here! This easy to sew gown is the perfect loose, flowy, summer style. Its perfect for those hot days when you don’t want anything to touch you but you are required to wear clothes.

The Wilder is modular by design and can be made as a top or dress, long sleeved or short sleeved, one tiered or two tiered! It is so easy to adapt this pattern to suit your fashion needs, and I can almost guarantee you’ll want to make more than one! In this post we will be talking fabric and RTW inspiration!

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Let’s talk fabric!

Because it is currently summer I’ve got light, airy, and drapey fabrics on the brain. The Wilder looks great in a linen as well. If you get a heavier fabric it might be better to make the shirt version or the one tier dress version. This style could easily be sewn up in more fall friendly fabrics and worn all year! Below are a few fabrics I found around the web to get you inspired!


RTW Inspiration!

Nightgowny, tiered dresses are not only cute but they are comfortable and easy to wear. Here is some RTW fashion inspiration to get you inspired!

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