Pattern Hack: Vernazza Panties

The bottoms of the Vernazza Two Piece pattern can easily be modified to make a cute and comfortable pair of panties ;) 

This is a great opportunity to use up those scraps of knit fabric you probably have lying around and it shouldn’t take more than an hour (hour and a half, max) to throw together a super cute pair of undies! 

Here is what you need:  

 • The Vernazza Two Piece pattern

• 1/2 yard of a stretch knit fabric

• A stretch or ballpoint machine needle

• A scrap of 100% cotton fabric for the crotch gusset (if the main fabric you are using is not cotton) 

• About 2-3 yards picot edge underwear elastic.  

• OPTIONAL: a yard of stretch lace for a lace waistband


In the making of this tutorial I made several pairs of underwear. On the first pair, I cut the pattern pieces at the height that they are in the pattern. Those undies are pretty high rise, and VERY comfortable, if not a bit granny. On the second pair I shortened the pattern by 2”. I did this by lobbing 2” off the top of the pattern piece, rather than using the lengthen shorten line. With that big of a change in where the pattern falls on your hips, you’re going to want a bigger opening (at least that is the case on my body). On the third pair I shortened them 2” and then added a 2” stretch lace waistband. Those turned out the cutest and comfiest in my opinion. The pictures you will see in this tutorial are the pair that I shortened 2".

1. Cut out your Front Piece D and Back Piece E.  

10. Sew elastic into your waistband

Stretch a piece of elastic around your hips/waist where your underwear are going to land. Add about an inch for a seam allowance and sew it into a loop. Then repeat the method that you used to sew the elastic into the leg holes to sew elastic into your waistband! 

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