Ilford Jacket with Scallop Crochet Trim Stitch Detail

Ilford Jacket with Scallop Crochet Trim Stitch Detail

In this blog post we are showing close up details of this beautiful boxy vintage style Ilford Jacket with scallop crochet stitch detailing around the collar and pockets. The Ilford Jacket is a pattern you can really add your own design flare to, and in a simple black wool fabric the added crochet stitching elevates it. Continue reading to find out more.

Materials & Notions:

  • Fabric is a Marino Wool from We Are The Fabric Store.
  • Vintage Leather Buttons, that went with the kind of retro sweater vibe.
  • lined with a satin lining.
  • Tapestry needle and black yarn

Top tips for sewing blanket stitch:

  • Add little measurement pen marks to your thumb, so when you stitch you have a reference point for consistent stitch length to follow instead of having to measure each and every stitch!
  • Use a tapestry, or embroidery needle. Also a dolls sewing needle is great as they have a big enough eye for the yarn.
  • blanket stitch creates a base for the scallop crochet detail to be stitched onto.

Crochet Stitch:

This YouTube video was super helpful with the crochet stitch, so take a look as it's what we used for this jacket. But to summarise the scallop crochet stitch is single crochet, followed by 5 double crochets in each blanket stitch, and just repeat along the edge of the collar, and pockets. 

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