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Free pattern alert! That's right, free! There are no hoops to jump through, you don't even have to sign up for my email list. I have wanted to offer a free pattern for a while and now seems like a really great time! If you have a sewing machine and some knit fabrics in your stash, you've got what you need to make this top! 

The Sunday V Neck is an easy-to-sew wardrobe staple. It features raglan sleeves and a ribbing that crosses at the center front. Make it in a single color or mix and match different fabrics! This tee can be a great scrap-busting project. Designed for knit fabrics with at least 25% stretch, you’ll want to make this tee again and again.

This pattern is for everyone and looks great on all genders! Size XS-4X included in pattern. The download includes: print at home PDF pattern (A4 or letter sized), A0 copy shop file, and instructions!

Click here to download the pattern. Yardage, fitting and fabric guides, and everything you need to know is in the pattern instructions!

Edit: some people were having trouble downloading the zip file. Here are the individual files to download: Printing instructions, Sewing Instructions, Print at home pattern, AO copy shop file


The blue and orange version is modeled by my baby brother Kai. His measurements put him kind of in between a small and medium. I sized down to a small to give this top a more fitted look. 

The aqua and grey version is worn by an amazing model/activist/writer, Charis Hill. They have Ankylosing Spondylitis and you can read all about their journey and amazing work on their IG page/blog. I highly recommend you check them out! ⁠Charis is wearing a size small. 


  • Thank you so much. Hope you’re doing fine <3


  • Thanks for the generous gift; currency in my country has dropped a lot so getting a free pattern is a real treat. I also love the cut of it!


  • Thank you very much. T-Shirt look great


  • Thank you for the free pattern, so much appreciated 🙏🏼


  • Such a nice gesture! thank you


  • Thanks so much for this and all that you do! I loved hearing about your journey on a recent podcast and just love your outlook on life….


  • Hi, Thanks for the lovely free pattern.. but unfortunately the zip files seem to be protected? I can’t open them without a ‘you don’t have permission’ message coming up.


  • Looks like something I NEED to make STAT! Thank you for the freebie!


  • Hey guys! I love this v neck design and would love to download the pattern, but when I click the link, I get some kind of encrypted or coded text. Any ideas why it’s doing that? Thanks :)


  • I am absolutely ecstatic to find you include unisex pattens in your range, modelled by non-binary people! And for free!? I’m teary and elated at this discovery. As a non-binary person who sews most of their own clothes, I often feel very othered in the sewing community which has been heartbreaking. Thanks for including and making more space for people like me. I can’t wait to make this pattern! <3


  • WOW! Thank you so much! I really needed this kindness today! Sewing masks for others…I am beat! This will be for me. I so appreciate this! <3


  • Thank you, Friday Pattern Company!!! I needed this kind of good news today!

    Christine N

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