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Blog — Wilder Gown

Adding embroidery details to your garments by Ele from @sewnbyele

Hello, I’m Ele and I’m on the Friday blog to talk to you about embroidery and give you some ideas for adding embroidery for your me-made garments. I talk through how to embroider by hand, on a machine and have free flower templates for you to use! February was National Embroidery Month and I challenged myself to embroider every day - you can see how I got on, on instagram.
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Cold Weather Wilder Gown Hack | By Cassie @makingcassie

Hello! My name is Cassie -- I’m a sustainable fashion copywriter and sewing content creator from Toronto, Canada. Living in a country with 4 proper seasons, (3 of which are on the chilly to freezing end of the scale), I try to make versatile garments that can be worn most of the year and contribute to a fun, but cohesive me-made wardrobe! You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube where I share more about this handmade journey. In this blog post I wanted to share a Wilder Gown hack, perfect for the colder seasons. Continue reading to find out more.
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