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Blog — Vernazza Two Piece

Pattern Hack: Lucida + Vernazza One Piece

One of the most common questions I get about the Vernazza Two Piece is "Do you think I can hack it into a one piece?". The answer is YES! There are several ways you could go about it. I stumbled upon this idea when I was hacking the Lucida Dress Pattern into a top. It is super easy to add the top of the Lucida to the bottoms of the Vernazza! Here is what you'll need: Lucida Dress Pattern Vernazza Two Piece Pattern 1 1/4 -1 1/2 yards of swimsuit fabric Swim elastic  Sewing: 1. Cut out the front, back, and tie pieces for the Lucida Dress. You will need to lengthen the bodice. I added 6" and that was...
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Pattern Hack: Vernazza Panties

The bottoms of the Vernazza Two Piece pattern can easily be modified to make a cute and comfortable pair of panties ;)  This is a great opportunity to use up those scraps of knit fabric you probably have lying around and it shouldn’t take more than an hour (hour and a half, max) to throw together a super cute pair of undies!  Here is what you need:    • The Vernazza Two Piece pattern • 1/2 yard of a stretch knit fabric • A stretch or ballpoint machine needle • A scrap of 100% cotton fabric for the crotch gusset (if the main fabric you are using is not cotton)  • About 2-3 yards picot edge underwear elastic.   •...
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YouTube Video Tutorial: How to Sew Elastic into Swimwear / The Vernazza Two Piece

In this video sew along tutorial we show you how to sew elastic into swimwear, demonstrating on our Vernazza Two Piece Set. Watch the video here:
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