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Blog — sewing tips

Hand Stitch Sewing Tips

Hand stitching is a timeless and traditional method of sewing that has been passed down from generation to generation. It requires only a needle and thread making it the simplest form of sewing yet often it gets overlooked. With a few hand stitching tips, you can create beautiful and durable seams for all your sewing projects. In this blog post we share some simple hand stitching tips with details sewing up the Hughes Dress bodice lining.
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Sewing buttonholes on knit fabrics

Sewing button holes is an easy process once you have the basic skills and practise. It's understandable to feel intimidated if you're starting out on your sewing journey. In this post we have put together some helpful tips to sew button holes on knit fabrics.
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Three of our favorite easy-gathering methods

Gathering is a cute and useful sewing skill to have in your toolbox but it can be intimidating. There are several different gathering techniques that can be used in sewing, depending on the type of fabric and the desired look. Here are three of our favorite easy-gathering methods:
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